Whiplash Settlement Amounts
Whiplash settlements
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Most people don't realize that retaining a lawyer that specializes in injuries due to a car accident is the only way to be sure that they are fairly compensated. These attorneys often have years of experience fighting stubborn insurance companies who refuse to pay just compensation.

Whiplash claims that are not properly litigated almost always result in a settlement that is unfair to the victim. Typical whiplash compensation considers many factors, such as age, extent of injuries, loss of income, and unfortunately permanent disability. These layers are knowledgeable and specialize not only in understanding how the accident affects the victim, but also in conveying this information to the jury. They know how to use all the details not only win the case, but to get the most money possible.

The whiplash settlement average is dependent on the attitudes of the geographical area in which the claim is made. Neck pain that is the result of a whiplash accident in California generally is not compensated at the same rate as the same injury that occurs in Nebraska. This is party because of differences in jury expectations. A jury in California might be more sympathetic to a victim than a jury in Nebraska. There is no chart or magic formula for determining compensation rates. However, compensation can often be limited if the injured party fails to file a lawsuit within a certain period of time, often referred to as the statute of limitations.

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