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Whiplash Settlement Average

Have you been in a traffic accident resulting in a whiplash injury? Chances are that if you have, you've been looking for an experienced attorney to handle your case. Whiplash injuries can result in years of pain and suffering, sometimes occurring years after the accident. Failure to get proper medical treatment often aggravates the damage to the neck or spine. When your case goes to trial, you'll need proof that the accident caused a real injury, and evidence that the injury is significant. Without that information, your case will result in a meager settlement, far below the national whiplash settlement average. You can often use a whiplash compensation calculator as a guide, but be aware the amount might be more or less than the whiplash settlement average.

The extent of injuries suffered in a simple rear-end crash can range from minor to serious. Injury can involve torn ligaments or hairline fractures to small bones in the neck. The duration of suffering, both physical and mental is also a factor. Trauma occurs when the head is hurled backward, then forward as the body is recoiled into and from the seat of the vehicle. High G forces can cause serious injury that might not be apparent for several days after the accident. The muscle strain and ligament damage is invisible, but the patient certainly knows it is there.

There are many factors that affect the settlement amount in a whiplash injury case. A fair settlement is obtained only when the injured party retains an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer. Defense insurance companies often refuse to pay, citing that there is no proof of injury. Symptoms of pain and loss of motion due to soft tissue injury are often subjective. X-rays and other diagnostics tests often fail to refute or proof the injury. Where other factors are involved, such as alcohol or substance impairment of the other driver, state laws frequently prohibit the introduction of such material information into court proceedings. Even witness testimony will be called into question by the defense. Length of rehabilitation, permanent injury or impairment, and loss of income due to inability to work also affect the settlement amount. Drivers who are at fault or otherwise responsible frequently lie about the accident, even on the police report. This can affect the outcome of the case.
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